Edmonton Acupuncture/Acupuncture/TraditionalChinese Medicine Clinic

Jingzhao Wang

Registered Acupuncturist

Pulse Image Analysis Master

Chinese Herbal Specialist


      Specialized in:

Palpitation, lung disorders, cough, breathlessness, Asthma, allergies, acne, shingles, skin problem, common cold, fever

Infertility, menstruation disorders, uterus fibroid

Tendonitis, lower back pain, knee problems, Sciatic Nerve, Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, fatigue 

stomach pain, abdomen pain, hiccup, Diarrhoea, Constipation, Crohn's Disease, weight Control

Whiplash, Headache, Migraine, High Blood Pressure

Anxiety, chest pain, dizziness, wind stroke, insomnia, epilepsy, Stress, Depression

Jaundice,hypochondriac pain,  liver disorder

Oedema, Stranguria, retention of urine, emission,impotence, diabetics, arthritic

support treatment for Cancer patients

Clinic Address:      

9138-23Ave NW, Edmonton
(Close to Southside Costco)

Call 780-481-4416

for appointment

Acussage TCM Clinic

Traditional Chinese Medicine Group

Acussage TCM Clinic was founded by Jingzhao Wang, and has become one respected professional group due to the higher client referral ratios. The mission of our group is to serve the community by offering the alternative medicine through Acupuncture, Herbal tea, Acupressure (Tuina) and Moxabustion. Treatment always begins with proper pulse diagnosis, an essential part of the healing process.

What can we offer

By only taking the pulse, Dr Wang can tell you what happened in your body system, the diagnosis is called CHINESE MEDICINE CT SCAN, the treatments based on the pulse diagnoses show rapid and amazed results. For example, the pain relief of shoulder and neck could be as short as 30 seconds. Dr Wang have helped patients in various issues that from common cold to internal organ related issues; from skin disorder to cancer candidates.

Did you know ?

In Chinese Medicine view, human body have at least two layers: The first layer is called physical layer, within this layer,the structure or function that can be seen or monitored by physical checkups; The second layer is called energy or Qi layer in which the structure or function can not be seen, but people can feel the existents. Pulse taking is one of the ideal ways to detect how the body functioning in the Qi layer.

That is why although you may have had regular check ups, blood tests and x-rays shows normal, still experiences sickness. Among these cases, Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctors can give you  diagnosis from the Qi layer.

The treatments based on pulse correction have been approved to be one of the most effective ways to dealing with lots of health related issues. By only regulates the Qi flow, the physical structure or function can be corrected accordingly. When the synptom have been corrected by such way, people always be amazed.

Introduction to TCM

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is an unique system to

diagnose and cure illness for over 2000 years. The TCM approach is

fundamentally different from that of Western medicine.


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